Saturday, 31 March 2012

A Very Lucky Girl

At this weeks 'Crafty Club' Maria showed us how to make little gift bags.  They were really easy to make and look so lovely. Filled with chocolates, they would make such a nice little gift.

We also had  a quick lesson from Jen on how to crochet 'granny squares'. I am fairly new to the world of crochet and Vicki and Maria have never crochet before so poor Jen really did have her work cut out for her, oh and on top of all of that Maria is left-handed so it was twice as hard for her as she had to try and reverse whatever Jen was doing!  We have all decided that we need to practise ...LOTS!!!

Crafty Club was a bit of a special one last week as it was my birthday last Wednesday and the girls surprised me by throwing a tea party just for me.

It was such a lovely surprise.We had, scones with jam and cream, little party sandwiches, yummy pastries, and lots of cake...

I feel so lucky and very spoilt. I got so many lovely presents for my birthday, it really was such a nice day.

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and are having a nice relaxing Sunday...I'm off to practise my granny squares....I'll post a picture of my progress soon!


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