Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thinking about Christmas! Why??

I'm not quite sure why, but lately I have been inspired to design some Christmas cards! (I know, I am as surprised as you's only April for goodness sakes!) Even though it is slightly bizarre, I have decided to just go with the urge to draw  fluffy snowmen and Santa's and the like as last year when I should have been designing Christmas cards, I just couldn't. I had no desire to do so what-so-ever.

So, above is the beginnings of one of my designs for next Christmas which I started to paint this morning, whilst humming  'Jingle bells' (maybe I have lost the plot?)  I know it isn't looking very christmassy yet, but it will do once I have finished.

I have also been having lots of fun with my sewing machine lately. I have made the cutest little gifts for some very special twins who will be turning 2 soon.  I can't show you what I have made yet but will do once they have received them, so I've left you with a little glimpse for now....

Happy Friday everyone..I'm off to stuff the turkey!?!

PS, 'Pet of the week' will be back next Friday..I have a long list of beautiful pets waiting to be featured and I am sorry I have not posted a 'pet of the week' recently. I have no excuse other than I lost my blogging mojo for a while, but it seems to be back now... lets hope it stays for a bit.

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