Monday, 21 May 2012

Crafty Club: Mask Decorating

Last weeks Crafty Club was held at Jen's house as my house is still covered with unpacked boxes.  For the next few meetings of Crafty Club we are all taking it in turns to choose a project. This week Jen chose mask decorating.

(Vicki & Maria begin painting their masks)

I don't think any of us really planned on how we were going to decorate our masks so we all just kind of got on with it and hoped for the best.

(Jen's cat Merlin wanted to be involved and did so by walking and rolling all over Vicki's materials for the night :0)

We did stop a little way in to discuss how we thought our masks were taking shape....Maria took this opportunity to hang jelly snakes from her mouth whilst contemplating her next step.

And here are our finished masks...

This is my mask, which I personally think is a little bit currently lives on a shelf at the back of our garage where I can't see it!

Marias' mask... yep also a bit creepy if you ask me although it looks a lot less creepy now that it's decorated believe it or not.

Jen's cute little cat mask...the less creepy of the four :0)

and Vicki's mask, which she didn't completely finish as the plan was for her to cover more of the mask with the coloured diamonds but she lost her mojo understandably after the pizza arrived!

Next week is Vicki's turn to choose a project...I'm looking forward to it already!


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  1. My mask currently lives in the bin! Ha ha!!! It was a lot of fun. Thanks girls xxx