Thursday, 16 February 2012

It's New...It's Exciting...It's 'Pet of The Week'

I LOVE animals and I love it when people blog about their pets and I get to coo over the photos.  At the moment I rely on this to get my 'animal fix' as we are not allowed pets where we are currently renting (boo to the landlord! )

So, from this moment on, I am officially dedicating every Friday to our funny little furry/feathery/scaly friends.

Therefore, without further delay I am very excited to give you my very first ...(dramatic pause.....drum roll... raucous applause...)

'Pet(s) of The Week!'
Cocoa & Guido

Kelly - Auckland

Cocoa (Long-haired chocolate point Balinese female) and Guido (Short haired white point Balinese variant ), both 3 months.

Where did you get them from?
Lovely boyfriend who is allergic to cats. He did some research to find a low-allergenic breed, found a breeder with kittens available and then took me on a magical mystery tour to the farm to choose to kitties for my birthday

Favourite food?
Anything that goes at the moment. Guido's favourite has to be whatever is on Cocoa's plate. He inhales his own and then helps himself to hers.

Favourite place to snooze?
On keyboards, especially when you are working; on your lap when you are not; or on the top of their kitty tree when it's hot. Always together.
Funniest Habit?
Cocoa tries to sniff my eyeballs, Guido has a thing for my earlobes!! 

Thank you Kelly, Cocoa & Guido are 2 seriously handsome cats! 

If you would like your beloved pet to be featured on my blog, then please contact me ( with some photos and the answers to the questions above....oooooh roll on next Friday! xxx

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