Saturday, 4 February 2012

Wonder Woman?...she certainly is.

You may remember a while back I posted a super hero picture that Thomas painted for our nephew? Well, that post got lots of attention let me tell you.

One of my lovely friends Shy saw it and loved it. Now, Shy really is a 'Wonder Woman' she recently beat breast cancer and is one of the bravest, happiest people I have ever met she is also one of the best bakers I have ever met...honestly her chocolate cupcakes are out of this world.
Thomas doesn't really have a sweet tooth but after I bought a batch of Shy's cupcakes home he quickly developed one.
So, they struck a deal.... Tom would paint her a Wonder Woman picture and she would bake him a batch of cupcakes.

So here she is Shy, all ready and waiting for you! You better get your apron on...


  1. Wow, the two of you are CRAZY talented!! Lucky Shy:)

  2. I can't wait to meet her!!! A batch of my lovely cupcakes waiting to be delivered to you Tom!!! and of course to my lovely Pink Lady Kerri. Thanks so much!!! mwuah!