Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Last of The Patchwork Quilts

I just LOVE patchwork quilts and have been very lucky to have been surrounded by them all my life. My beautiful, clever Nan who sadly passed away last year was the queen of quilting. When she began making patchwork quilts (all by hand of course) they weren’t fashionable or desirable, but a cheap way to make bedding and blankets  out of old dresses, curtains or whatever fabric that could be found  during the war.  Over the years Nan made countless quilts that me, my sister, mum and aunt would all greedily snap up (after all you can never have too many can you?)
 As a child, spending time at my Nan’s was heaven.  Her house was full of mis-matched items and furniture. I loved how she would always have many different projects on the go, making patchwork quilts, crocheting blankets, painting her beloved garden gnomes, knitting slippers for us or making new fabric sleeves for her favourite old armchair. I always wanted to get involved and Nan let me do whatever I wanted. It never bothered her if I messed up a stitch or painted a wonky line. She would just laugh.
So now I have taken on the challenge of finishing this rather special quilt.

Nan, it may take me a while but I promise to finish what you started... the last quilt you would ever make.  I’ll cherish this one, like the others forever.


  1. oh it made me cry, laugh and love you even more DP you are simply the best xxxxx
    ps dont worry about talking to yourself its part of being an ellis/mead/watson xxx

  2. Ahhhh thanks AP, I have to admit I did shed a tear whilst writing it...

    Love you lots xxx