Thursday, 31 May 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons....

My beautiful Lemon tree this morning...

Gin & Tonic anyone?

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I had forgotten about these


The good thing about moving, is that that you come across things you had forgotten about.

I found these little name placement's that I made when we did a 'come dine with me' night in London...

I also did a little witch and a little mermaid, which our other guests took away with them.

Needless to say I won,  although I suspect the high points were for my creative table and not so much my creative cooking!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pet of The Week:


Smooth Hair Lurcher, Fawn Colour. 4 years old

Mark & Mags Lombard - Cork, Ireland

Where did you get her from?
We got her from 'Paulines Rescue Centre', in Newtownshandrum, Cork. She was only 7 weeks old when we brought her home.

Favourite food?
Peggy-Sue has a bit of a funny tummy so is on a special diet, therefore she LOVES any normal human food that she isn't supposed to eat!

Favourite place to snooze?
In front of the fire or out in the garden laying in the sunshine

Funniest Habbit?
Peggy loves to howl along each evening at 8pm with the alarm that goes off in the local refinery. She also does a lot of crazy sleep paddling whilst dreaming

Thanks Mags, I love Peggy-Sue...what a cutie x

Monday, 21 May 2012

Crafty Club: Mask Decorating

Last weeks Crafty Club was held at Jen's house as my house is still covered with unpacked boxes.  For the next few meetings of Crafty Club we are all taking it in turns to choose a project. This week Jen chose mask decorating.

(Vicki & Maria begin painting their masks)

I don't think any of us really planned on how we were going to decorate our masks so we all just kind of got on with it and hoped for the best.

(Jen's cat Merlin wanted to be involved and did so by walking and rolling all over Vicki's materials for the night :0)

We did stop a little way in to discuss how we thought our masks were taking shape....Maria took this opportunity to hang jelly snakes from her mouth whilst contemplating her next step.

And here are our finished masks...

This is my mask, which I personally think is a little bit currently lives on a shelf at the back of our garage where I can't see it!

Marias' mask... yep also a bit creepy if you ask me although it looks a lot less creepy now that it's decorated believe it or not.

Jen's cute little cat mask...the less creepy of the four :0)

and Vicki's mask, which she didn't completely finish as the plan was for her to cover more of the mask with the coloured diamonds but she lost her mojo understandably after the pizza arrived!

Next week is Vicki's turn to choose a project...I'm looking forward to it already!


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New House and a Finished Blanket!

I know I have been quiet on the blogging front lately but oh my goodness, it's been a crazy few weeks.  Firstly we moved into our new home this weekend (yay!)  I'm so excited. It's just a little 2 bedroom house but its all ours and I love it! Obviously there is LOADS I want to do to it and I can't wait to get started but I know I will have to be a little bit patient in making it the perfect home (boo)

Tom and I have moved so much over the past 6 years so you think we would be used to it but we both still hate it.  The boxes seemed never ending and 'where is all this stuff going to go?' was something we were both muttering under our breath with every car load that we packed up.

Luckily the little house comes with a big garage so we threw everything in there and will organise it all over the next few weeks :0)

So, apart from the big move taking up all of my time I did manage to finish the blanket I was making...I am very pleased with it considering it was my first crochet project.

I wasn't really sure how to finish up the blanket, so added a grey border all the way around...

Are you impressed? :0)

 Other news is I am currently sporting a nice black eye.  Last week it was pouring with rain and I was running over to my car and I managed to throw the door open into my face!!  Yep, people really do just 'walk into doors'!  It's healing now but I was looking a lot like Rocky for the first few days afterwards...only me.

So, I will have updates on the new house soon, and I am sure that 'before & after' shots will feature regularly on here from now on....

Until next time...

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Beautiful Taranaki Falls

Just spent an amazing weekend at Tongariro, National Park with our friends Vicki & Mike.  We originally booked this trip for the beginning of April but had to re-schedule and at the time was worried that the weather would be not so good around this time of year. We could not of been more wrong.  The sun was shining all weekend with bright blue skies. It's Autumn here in NZ, my favourite time of year and a perfect time to go walking.

There are lots of beautiful walks around National Park but we decided to set off to find Taranaki Falls. I'm so happy that we did, it was simply breath-taking.

I always feel so much better after being out in the fresh air amongst nature and this weekend certainly gave me the lift that I needed.

Now I'm looking forward to a nice hot bath and an early night...walking  can be so tiring :0)

Night night