Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pet of The Week:


Smooth Hair Lurcher, Fawn Colour. 4 years old

Mark & Mags Lombard - Cork, Ireland

Where did you get her from?
We got her from 'Paulines Rescue Centre', in Newtownshandrum, Cork. She was only 7 weeks old when we brought her home.

Favourite food?
Peggy-Sue has a bit of a funny tummy so is on a special diet, therefore she LOVES any normal human food that she isn't supposed to eat!

Favourite place to snooze?
In front of the fire or out in the garden laying in the sunshine

Funniest Habbit?
Peggy loves to howl along each evening at 8pm with the alarm that goes off in the local refinery. She also does a lot of crazy sleep paddling whilst dreaming

Thanks Mags, I love Peggy-Sue...what a cutie x

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