Thursday, 22 March 2012

Pet of The Week!

Merlin & Diesel

Jen, Auckland

Diesel: 5, He's a long haired domestic, with some Maine Coon in him. Merlin: 4, He's a short haired domestic with some Russian Blue in him

Where did you get them from?
I got them both from ‘Animates’. I worked around the corner from the store and one morning tea break my friend and I went there to see if they had kittens we could ooh and aah over. I had no intention of buying one before I walked in, but Diesel was so fluffy and cute and he was hogging the whole cat basket on his own, stretched out like a God with all the other kittens huddled in a corner away from him.  Apparently he was the favourite in the store and had all the staff wrapped around his over sized paws.
When I saw Merlin  I was with my sister and her kids, they had just had some bad news  so we went to the pet shop to cheer ourselves up and Merlin immediately stood out from the others. We asked if we could have a hold and he just clung to me happily and started purring and so I was hooked. I told my sister that if she didn't get him, that I would have to, because I couldn't just leave him there. I took him home that day. One of the few impulse buys I've never regretted. Merlin is my little darling.

Favourite Food?
Diesel: There are two things that get him climbing my legs with impatience: hot roasted chicken; and cheese.
Merlin:  Tuna and biscuits.

Favourite place to snooze?
Diesel:   Anywhere I don't want him to...usually on an item of clothing
Merlin: On my left shoulder when I go to bed. He gets really excited when I brush my teeth because he knows it's bed-time!

Funniest Habit?
Diesel: Hmmm... not so funny for the victims but he likes to steal paint-brushes ( the decorating kind!) He brings them home in the middle of the night to slay. The poor neighbours are half way through painting their house and wonder where the heck their paint brushes keep disappearing to.
Merlin: Hiding under the covers where he thinks no one can see him!!

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