Saturday, 3 March 2012

Crafty Club

A while back, I was talking with some friends and we were saying how hard it can be to make time to do the things you love in this busy world. Work and family life take priority and the really simple things that we enjoy tend to take a back-seat.

So, I had an idea to start a Crafty Club.  We meet every other Thursday evening and the idea is that we bring along whatever it is that we are working on.
The first meeting of the Crafty Club saw Jen crocheting a gorgeous blanket, Nonie knitting a pair of slippers, Vicki making badges and I started making little fabric flowers for a cover for my sewing machine.

A few weeks back the girls said that they would like to have a go at painting one of my pictures, so we had a Crafty Club special.
I drew a simple picture of a witch and got each of them to trace the image onto watercolour paper. Then they began to paint their picture step by step with my supervision.

It was so much fun and interesting to see the different approach and technique each person had.

The evening whizzed by with lots of laughter and also sometimes complete silence ( a very first at Crafty Club) the concentration levels were very high.

So, first up, Maria with her lovely finished picture...

So cute, I love her spotty green tights.


Jen's picture.

I think Jen did so well, she has never painted before and I loved how her little witch turned out.

Vicki's picture...

Isn't she lovely! Vicki has never painted before either so I was very impressed.

Nonie likes to paint and has created some gorgeous pictures for her grandchildren over the years so she decided to copy one of my other pictures instead.

I love it!

I think it is so important to make time to do what makes you happy, even if it is only for a few hours a week.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone will be working on at the next meeting.



  1. How Fun!! I wish I could go to Crafty Club! Great idea:)

  2. It was such good fun! Thanks Kerri x

  3. Love it! Also love how you actually managed to get a picture of Jen online without her killing you for it :P