Thursday, 8 December 2011

Feeling Christmassy and A Little Christmas Creation!

I have to say, what with me being English and all  that I was really quite worried about how I would feel spending Christmas in the sunshine.

Christmas for me is all about knitted jumpers and gloves, the weak wintery sun disappearing by 3.30pm, ducking into small cosy pubs for a swift half to avoid the bitterly cold winds and battling through the crowds to buy  presents. 

Christmas could not be more different in NZ. Its the start of summer so the days are long and hot, there are never really crowds in any of the malls and people are walking about in shorts, T-shirts and summer dresses!

However, I am pleased to announce that surprisingly, I do feel very Christmassy!  Christmas is very big over here and everyone seems to be getting into the spirit nicely. 
Tom and I put our tree up last Saturday (I did take a photo to show you but it didn't do it justice, so I will have to take another photo and post it next time)

We opened a bottle of wine and put on my favourite Christmas CD...

and sang along as we decorated the tree.

Here are a couple of new decorations that I bought this year...

A gorgeous knitted little chubby robin (I've had to place him on 2 branches because he is so heavy!)

and this lovely little silver robin...


I'll be posting more Christmassy pictures soon...I've got some pine-cones to spray with snow and some Christmas bunting to make and hang, but for now I'll leave you with this little Christmas character I created a few years ago...


Happy Friday !
PS Dont' tell Tom, but I just had to show you what we wore whilst putting up our tree. I received a lovely parcel from one of my oldest friends Lee. It was so unexpected. I opened up the box to find lots of lovely things to get us through the Christmas period.... a small luxury Christmas pudding from good old Marks & Sparks, some chocolate money, tree decorations, a Christmas CD, a bag of my favourite sweets and these 2 fabulous headpieces... we put them on right away and didn't take them off until bedtime... Katy Perry eat your heart out!??!

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