Thursday, 1 December 2011

Learning to Crochet and New Books

I have always loved the idea of knitting but sadly I have a bit of a funny thing about wool. I can't stand it when wool squeaks together, do you know what I mean?
I remember my lovely old Nan teaching me to knit when I was about 9, everything was going so well until the needles kind of rubbed against the wool (I must of been knitting quite tightly?) and it made this squeaky noise and my teeth went on edge and it made me feel all funny so I threw the needles down and announced I would never knit again.  I had hoped that it was a passing phase but sadly not.
I still can't stand the sound of wool being rubbed together and I would rather put pins in my eyes then hand wash a woolly jumper (ooooooh my teeth are clamping together now just thinking about it!!)
Anyway, recently I have been pondering over the idea of crochet...seeing as it's only one needle, or to be more precise one hook...surely the risk of the sound of squeaky wool would be limited?  Its a risk I was willing to take. 
So, off I skipped to buy some wool and a 'Learn to Crochet ' magazine, which to my delight came with 5 free hooks! (can you believe it!!)
I made a start as soon as I got home but found the instructions very hard to understand from the magazine, so I went straight on to YouTube and low an behold half an hour later I was happily crocheting away!

This was my first attempt (using some old wool I found laying about)

After a short while and being the impatient person that I am, I decided to stop wasting time messing about and decided to dive right in and start to make something worthwhile... a nice cosy blanket (as you do!)

So here are the colours I chose...

And here is my blanket so far...

I thought I would do a thin grey stripe, a thicker green stripe, another thin grey stripe then some white then repeat the pattern (or something along those lines - depending on my mood!)

I'm quite pleased with it so far.  The ends are a bit of a concern though...

This end is ok (as long as I don't keep on making it wider as I go :0)

But goodness me, this end is a bit of a shambles!!! 

Oh well, I guess i have to keep reminding myself that it is my first attempt and it isn't going to be perfect.  It doesn't help when I stumble across blogs such as this one Attic 24 where there is so much gorgeous Crochetness (is that a word??) going on!  I'm very jealous... but like all things I guess practise makes perfect. 

On another note, I've been very naughty and treated myself to 3, yes 3!!!!! new books today.

'Mudbound' by Hilary Jordan, 'The Witch's Trinity' by Erika Mailman and 'Gran's Kitchen Cookbook' from the notebooks of Dulcie May Booker. I don't normally buy cookbooks as I never use them but I had to get this one as the photos of sweet little Dulcie remind me so much of my own Grandma! Especially this photo on the back of the book...

I know, I know,  I'm an advertisers dream!

Right, I'm off  to do a few more rows of my blanket...wish me luck!

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