Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I Hope You Had A Merry Christmas?

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas? We did. After spending ages packing up the car we headed to my sister Jo's house on Christmas eve.

Because we was going to be there for four nights and because Jo had a full house we decided to pitch a tent in the garden (decorated with a  little bit of tinsel of course!) and began to relax right away...

(If you look closely, you can see the sea through the trees at the end of the garden - such a lovely spot to live!)
Tom and I took our nephew Billy and our niece Rose for a little walk along the beach...

Christmas morning was full of lots of excitement and lots of lovely pressies (Rose loved the wrapping paper as much as the toys inside!)

Everybody got very spoilt, including the gorgeous Bella who loved her brand new collar and bone!

Then it was time to start preparing the Christmas dinner.   Jo's in-laws all came for dinner too so it was a big family affair. Luckily everyone chipped in and bought something....

I have eaten soooooooooo much over the past few days I can hardly move (thank god for elasticated waisted pyjama bottoms!!)  and so now the diet begins...well, not right now, but soon....once New Years eve is out of the way!

I hope you have all indulged as much as me... after all we only get this chance once a year to eat and drink all day long don't we?


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