Monday, 12 December 2011

Little Fabric Hearts!

I've been making little fabric hearts for my Christmas tree. They look so effective and are really quick to make (which is a good thing as I have had to make 20 to get the look I wanted!!)

Here's how...

You need: Fabric, scissors, a couple of pins, needle and thread some stuffing,  half a heart shape cut out of cardboard and some string
Fold over your fabric and cut around the cardboard to make your heart shape
Open up your heart (for it is Christmas after all!) and pin it onto the back of another piece of fabric
Take a piece of string and make a loop, tying a knot at the bottom of it
Place your string in between both pieces of fabric
Starting from the top of your heart (and placing the knot of your string just below your first stitch) stitch evenly around the heart making sure you leave a big enough gap to be able to put your stuffing in.  I have hand stitched my hearts but you could use a sewing machine to speed up the process.
Once the stitching is completed, stuff the heart (I have used Polyester stuffing but you could use old scraps of material or cotton wool if you don't have any)
Once the heart is nicely stuffed, finish off the stitching
It really doesn't matter if your stitching is not perfect (as you can see from the one above) these little hearts look great a little shabby...
Holding your string against the heart so that you do not accidentally cut it off (I'm talking from experience here) cut around the outside of your stitching...again this doesn't have to be perfect.
And there you have it! 
I have kept my ones quite plain, but you could always add a ribbon around the top of the string, or use a different coloured fabric for the back... the options are endless!
Have fun!

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