Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Badge Making Extravaganza!

My friend Vicki has finally decided to take  her hobby of badge making to the next level and has set up a little business making badges,magnets and lots of other lovely little goodies.

After a lot of persuading I managed to rope her into doing a market with me on Saturday, which I am soooo pleased about as my lovely usual neighbours at Birkenhead Artisan Market have abandoned me (sniff sniff , I'm gonna miss you Jess & Lucy x)

Having a stall at a market for the very first time is a little nerve-racking and a little daunting, 'are people going to like my stuff?' 'will my stall look ok?' and most importantly, 'will I sell anything??'

So, we decided to make lasts night Crafty Club meeting a 'badge making' special. 

A little production line was formed and under Vicki's supervision we helped to make some badges.

Like all things hand-made there was actually quite a lot of preparation involved.

Strips of fabric/paper had to be cut...

templates had to be drawn around...

and cut out...

 and of course, cups of tea had to be made to keep us all going.

Then the badges were made using the....hmmm, I'm not quite sure what the right word is for this piece of machinery so I will just call it the 'badge machine'? This was my favourite part of the process. I would let out a little squeal of delight every time a new little badge was born.

It was so exciting seeing the finished product, which once the actual prep was done only took a few seconds to do!

I'm really looking forward to seeing Vicki's stall set up tomorrow with all of her cute little products on display. I'm sure she is going to do really well!


PS Some of you might be wondering where is 'Pet of The Week' is today?, well, I have to say I am so overwhelmed by the amount of pets of the week that I have lined up and can't wait to feature every single one...but I have decided that it will be 'Pet of the Fortnight??' I know it doesn't really have the same ring to it does it, but I was starting to feel under pressure to post more often then I normally would during the week, in fear that every other post would be my pet of the week.  So 'Pet of The Fortnight' will be back next Friday and will star 2 very handsome cats ...I'm looking forward to it already!!

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