Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Robots Looking For A Good Home!

First up is 'Bodger'

a cute little Robot looking for a friend to love him. Bodger is house-trained but has a thing for televisions (he likes to take them apart ) so please take this into consideration when finding a suitable spot for him. He also likes to dance and is very good at ....robotics!

Next is 'Rusty'.

Rusty is slightly older than Bodger but also a friendly Robot (although he does tend to get grumpy when hungry) Due to neglect from previous owner  he is a little on the larger scale and will need regular exercise (he may protest at first but will enjoy exercising once out and  he especially enjoys a good game of football)

If you feel that you can give either one of these fantastic little guys a home then please click here  for more information.

Thanking you kindly

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