Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pet of The Week!


Jess, Owen and Isac Matthews, Auckland.

 West Highland Terrier will be three on March 18. Also known as Plumples, Dozer Dog-Face, Flufster, Scraps, Trotsky, Doda, and occasionally "oi! Get out of there!!"

Where did you get him from?
found his pic on trademe as a four week old pup, so we drove out to Franklin to visit him. As soon as he sat in the palm of our hands we knew we had to have him! His uncle now belongs to my mother and they have a great time together when they get to visit.

Favourite food?
Strawberries. Our bird netting is bird proof, but not dog proof sadly!

Favourite place to snooze?
Buried under the duvet at the end of our bed - he thinks if no one can see him he might get get to stay there all night.
Funniest Habit?
Constant licking of the air. He used to lick the carpet, we've trained him out of that one, but now when he's relaxed he will sit in his bed and lick at nothing. It's incredibly annoying!!

(check out Jess's cool blog 'littleclothing'  here' )

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  1. Dozer is so cute! i just love Westies :) have a wonderful weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!