Monday, 3 October 2011

One More...

Had a good day today, apart from accidentally washing my paintbrush in my cup of tea! Still as pointed out by my hubby, it could of been a lot worse... I could of drank my paint water!!!
Anyway, I finished another bookmark design ... 'Twit Twoo'
I really like my chubby little owl :0) I think he will make a lovely bookmark.

So, that's not the only thing I have been working on today. I've been wanting to do a dinosaur picture that I can sell personalised but I've been a bit naughty and keep putting it off. Normally all of my artwork comes straight from my head and I can knock up a sketch in a  short time. However, for this picture I had to spend time googling pictures of dinosaurs as I wanted my dinosaurs to at least resemble the real ones (I know what boys - big and small can be like when it comes to their dinosaurs!!!)  I'll post a picture of the finished result soon but for now, here's a sneak peak...

On a different note, I just had to post this photo of my nephew Billy that was taken last Saturday at an 'Ag Day' that was being held at his cousins school.  He was soooo happy when he won a fish hat for catching the biggest plastic fish (with a little help from his mum) and refused to take it off all day.  I think you'll agree, it compliments the superman cape fabulously!?!  :0)

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