Saturday, 8 October 2011

Just A Little Witch!

Where did the weekend go? Surely it cant be Sunday evening already? First things first I can't believe that England are now out of the world cup :0(  how did that happen? I was positive we would at least of made it to the semi's...but even more shocked that Ireland are also out. They have been playing so well I was sure that they would be in the final!! Just goes to show how much I know....

Anyway moving on...

Seeing as Halloween is just around the corner (Yay!) I thought I would show you a favourite picture of mine. This image is being made into prints and on greeting cards as we speak (or to be more accurate, as I write) I drew her a while ago and she has been sitting in a frame up until a few weeks ago when I thought it was time to take her to the printers (I just hope she is behaving)

 I LOVE Halloween, its one of my favourite times of year. Actually I think I will make the most of it and officially declare my blog a strictly 'Spooky Zone' only for the whole month of October. 

Happy Spooky Sunday everyone! x

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