Saturday, 29 October 2011

Meet Rocky!

I've been following  Geninne's Art Blog She is such an amazing artist and I love looking at her work.  In a previous post she showed some little pebbles that she had hand painted, they looked so lovely. 
So, when by chance  a really nice looking rock (or a really large pebble? I'm not quite sure what it is?) came along I grabbed it!...literally. Tom tried to make me feel bad by saying that it was part of a garden display but in my defence the rock/pebble in question was significantly far away from the rest of its gang, therefore I believe that it indeed wanted to be snatched and shoved under my jumper to live the rest of its days on my deck....  Anywho, I got home, got my paints out and started painting right away...

What a beauty eh?  I think you would have to agree that this rock/pebble is begging to be jazzed up?

It became quite clear early on that I needed to use a finer brush, this wasn't exactly how I had pictured my beautiful rock/large pebble to look after my handy work...but still I persevered...

here it is finished...what do you think?

I think Rocky likes his new home...I might need to 'find' him some new friends soon though...

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