Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Lovely Sunshine Day!

I've had a lovely day. We spent the morning Skyping our best friends in London (sorry guys, I hope the curry wasn't too cold? and thanks again for the centipede improvisation ;0)  Then I met my friends Shy and Treena for a lovely lunch and a good old gossip session. Then me and the hubster went for a lovely long walk along Muriwai Beach.  It makes me sooo happy to know that summer is just around the corner, let's hope its a good one!

A walk along the beach just isn't the same without an ice-cream is it?

Taking in the gorgeous views from a lovely little sunny spot.

I love days like today, I always seem to be so busy lately, it's nice to take some time out.

Now, I just have to say how sad I am to hear of the passing of the amazing Betty Driver (a.k.a Betty from Coronation Street)

Corrie just won't be the same without her, she was in the show for over 40 years! I can't believe she was still learning her lines and serving her famous hot-pots at the grand old age of 90!!!  RIP Betty, you are an inspiration to us all x

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