Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Wrapping Rooms

I love, love, love the idea of having one area dedicated to gift wrap. How cool would that be?

The space above would be ideal...look at all that lovely, natural light coming in through those lovely french doors! - I'm just a little jealous.

The above area would be quite easy to achieve, if you had space in a spare room or something. I like that it's pretty compact but with enough space for everything you might need without being too crowded...yep, I could definitely wrap my presents quite happily here...

If, like me you don't have enough room in your humble abode for a gift wrapping station, there are still some nice ways you can make a space for all of your 'gift wrapping bits' like this small shelving unit above.

I really like this little 3 tier basket stand to hold gift tags and bows (although they might get a bit dusty after a while!)

Now this, I would LOVE!!  A whole chest of drawers allocated for just wrapping paper! If only....

I'm going to be on the look out now for an old wall unit that I can transform into my 'wrapping unit' I'll keep you posted!

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