Monday, 9 January 2012

At War With Nature!

My day didn't start well.  I woke up to find 10 thousand million zillion ants in my pantry (ok, well there might not have been quite that many but it did seem like it at 6.30 this morning) The little buggers had formed a line all the way from our window, across the cooker and into the pantry.

'Where to start???' that was the question.  I hate to kill anything (apart from evil wasps) but what else could I do? shepherd them out and wave them on their merry way?  Of course not. So I reached for the AJAX spray, which kills them instantly ( a bit worrying considering this is what I use to spray down my  kitchen surfaces)

I must of looked like a woman possessed. There were soooo many (about 10 thousand million zillion to be exact) that I had to move fast. I was spraying with one hand and moving all of the stuff from the pantry with the other. 
Once the ants realised it was a war zone they started to run in all directions (to begin with they were only on the middle shelf where all of the sweet bits and pieces are seems they particularly love Maple Syrup and the sugar bowl!)  I felt like I was spraying and killing ants for hours....It was quite simply an ant massacre.

Not long after, a huge (it was honestly the size of a cat) jumping spider decided to appear on my bedroom mirror  (OMG, I have just made myself feel queasy looking for an image of one to show you- whatever happens DO NOT google Jumping Spiders. I have decided not to include any images, in case any of you have a spider phobia!!!)
So, after battling 10 thousand million zillion ants I then had to get a glass and catch the spider to put outside (I told you I'm not good at killing things) Not surprisingly, I have felt itchy all day.

On a nicer note ('phew' I hear you say) Here is my little farm girl, all finished and waiting to be framed  ( I bet she doesn't mind spiders or ants - in fact I bet she collects them) I'm very pleased with her, although after looking at the uploaded pictures, I've decided I need to 'muddy up' her face a little.

Here's hoping for a 'insect free' rest of day!

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