Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Big Book of One Pot

My poor hubby has just got over the flu (and yes it was proper flu...not just a bad cold!) he was unwell for almost a week...most unlike him.  Anyway being the super duper nurse that I am when someone is sick I decided to make him a good old fashioned stew, to help get his strength back. So, I reached for one of my favourite cookbooks, 'The Big Book of One Pot' and decided on a 'Irish Stew'

This is what the picture in the book looks like...

And here is how my stew turned out...and it was YUMMY! I even went one step further and bought some lovely chunky bread and warmed it in the oven before smothering it with real butter...

Hubby gobbled it all up and said it was one of the nicest stews he has ever had, quite a compliment coming from an Irishman!

It's so easy to make, here's all you need you just bung it all on a pot (that's my Jamie Oliver talk) and shove it in the oven on low for a few hours...voila! (PS I used beef instead of lamb, left out the parsley and added a tea spoon of Bovril)

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